Yokohama Trouble ~ Bungou stray dogs-Fanfiction

Heyo, liebe Leser!

Heute gibt es mal wieder eine Fanfiction! Diesmal dreht es sich um den Anime oder Manga Bungou stray dogs.
Das Besondere an dieser Geschichte ist, dass ich sie auf Englisch geschrieben habe (ich hoffe, dass viele von euch sie trotzdem lesen können 🙃). Ursprünglich haben wir im Englischunterricht die Aufgabe bekommen, eine “Mystery Story” zu schreiben und was macht dann ein Otaku? – Er schreibt eine Fanfiction…
Nachdem meine Geschichte korrigiert wurde und das Feedback so positiv ausgefallen ist, habe ich mich dazu entschieden, sie vor allem wegen des passenden Themas auf meinen Blog zu stellen!
Wie die Bungou stray dogs-Fans unter euch merken werden: Ein paar Charaktere, die in dieser Geschichte vorkommen, habe ich frei erfunden!

Und jetzt viel Spaß beim lesen von “Yokohama Trouble”!


It’s dark in here.
“That’s all your fault!!”
I can hear them shouting.
“Why are you blaming me for all this?!”
They are fighting again.
“Just go! I never want to see you again!!”
I hear the door being slammed.
And the crying of my mother.
Why is this happening?
Is it because of me?
Everything was fine until now, what did I do wrong?
Or is it not my fault?
And if not… Who’s fault is it then?


“Good morning everyone!”, with these words Nakajima Atsushi entered the office of the Armed Detective Agency.
“Good morning, brat. You are 3 minutes too late”, answered Kunikida Doppo like always.
“I’m sorry, Kunukida-san…”
Shortly after, Atsushi heard a well-known mumbling: “Mworninf!”, which meant to be another greeting, this time from Edogawa Ranpo, who was munching on his usually sweets.
“Good morning, Ranpo-san…”
For Atsushi, this seemed to be a normal day like any other one at his work by the detectives.

We are in Yokohama, a big city near Tokyo in Japan. The Armed Detective Agency is a group of people with special abilities, to be exact, superhuman abilities, solving cases, which are not for the normal police, neither for the military. They’re a twilight armed force positioned between the world of night and day.
Now it’s time to introduce them and their abilities to you:
Nakajima Atsushi with his ability “Beast beneath the moonlight” – He can turn into a big white tiger.
The ‘mommy’ of the agency: Kunikida Doppo with “Lone Poet” – He can make things which he writes into his notebook real. The only disadvantage is that he can’t make something real which is bigger than this book.
Edogawa Ranpo, the best detective in Japan with “Super Deduction” – His ability lets him solve any case in just a few seconds. But what should be noted is, that in real Ranpo doesn’t have an ability… He’s just super intelligent and tries to imagine he’s an ability user.
Tanizaki Jun’ichirou and “Light Snow” – He can make some kind of illusions with his special ability.
Tanizaki Naomi – Tanizaki Jun’ichirou’s little sister, but compared to her brother, Naomi is not gifted with an ability.
Miyazawa Kenji with “Undefeated by the Rain” – When he’s hungry, Kenji involves superhuman strengths!
Yosano Akiko with “Thou shalt not Die” – She is a doctor, but can only heal her patients when their injuries threaten their life. If they have only little injuries, she has to make them life-threatening…
Izumi Kyouka and “Demon Snow” – She can conjure up a female demon who is a pretty good fighter with her katana, a japanese sword.
Dazai Osamu, another very important character, with “No Longer Human” – Only with the tip of a finger he can make other abilities ineffective.
Finally we have the boss of the Armed Detectives: Fukuzawa Yukichi with his special ability “All Men Are Equal” – It can adjust the power of the abilities of the Armed Detectives so that they can be controlled.

As Atsushi sat down on his workplace he noticed that the television was on. There was a report on about homeless people in Yokohama.
“The number of homeless people in Yokohama increased again”, said Kunikida also looking at the report, “Since homelessness is known as a shame in Japan, some people sleeping rough try to hide the truth about themselves.”
Shortly after Kunukida said these words, the report showed an old women who was hiding her small “house” made of cartons under a bridge, then sat on a bench, reading the newspaper and greeting passers-by.
“They would not greet me if they knew that I am homeless”, she said.
“That’s cruel…”, Atsushi whispered sympathetically.
Kunikida agreed with him: “The city, no, the whole country really should do something about this”, was his comment.
In the following moment of silence, Atsushi dedicated himself to his work.
“By the way…”, started Kunikida, letting his gaze wander through the office, “Where is that fool Dazai?! He’s late again today!!”
Now the other detectives noticed Dazai’s absence too.
“Maybe he’s just trying a new suicide technique!”, Kenji shouted.
“Again…”, Yosano sighed and the whole office with her.

Dazai Osamu has had the urge to commit suicide for ages. He tries the most crazy ways to do it – but never succeeds. Sad in it’s own way.

Suddenly the telephone of the Agency rang.
“Hello?”, Jun’ichirou answered.
After a short moment of silence he jumped of his seat, screaming: “WHAT?!”
The Detectives looked at each other confused.
“When?! Who? And… why?!”, obviously he tried to get more information about something, “No, wait! Wait!!”
The person had hung up.
“Tanizaki, what has happened?”, Kunikida asked immediately.
“The person didn’t wanted to say his name… He just wanted to inform us about an assassination, planned by a group of terrorists… That soon whole Yokohama would be blown up and not existing anymore if we don’t do something about it…”
Now every member of the Armed Detective Agency was wide awake.
Kunikida tried to stay calm and asked further: “Did he gave you any details?”
“No. We don’t know when or how the assassination is supposed to happen. And of course we don’t know who will be responsible for it.”
“Kunikida-san, what should we do?!”, Atsushi panicked, “If we don’t react quickly many people will die!”
Everyone was looking now at Kunikida Doppo.
“Now of all times the boss has to be absent…”, he mumbled to himself, but then took the lead, “Listen, everyone! We can’t evacuate every single habitant of Yokohama, so first we have to find the location of the bombs. We’ll ask the police to help us. Tanizaki, please call them. And please inform the mayor of Yokohama too.”
“And Ranpo-san, please help us as well.”
“What if the mafia is behind all this?”, Yosano threw in.

The Port Mafia is an underground organization in Yokohama. They influence politics, economics and other domains. Some important members of them are gifted with special abilities too. It’s obvious that the Detective Agency and the Port Mafia are hostile to each other.

“Good idea, we have to take that into consideration. Atsushi, Kyouka and me will check the activities of the Port Mafia. The rest of you focuses on the search and deactivation of the bombs”, Kunikida ordered, “And I try to contact that idiot Dazai! Let’s go!”
And a new adventure took its course…


Somewhere, far away from Yokohama in a dark room…

‘It’s dark. That reminds me of the day everything started’, I thought.
“The preparations have begun.”
“Good”, the sound of my own voice sounded like it was somebody else’s.
I wanted to rest a bit before the big highlight started, but he was still there.
“What is it?”, I asked him annoyed.
“…Are you sure you want to do this?”
I straightened up: “What are you talking about? Of course I’m sure, what do you think I waited for MY WHOLE LIFE?!”, my voice got louder and louder.
“Yes. Of course.”
Then he finally left.
“Today”, I said to myself, “is the beginning of the end.”


“Why is he not picking up?!”, Kunikida shouted at his phone while walking faster and faster.
Atsushi and Kyouka tried to keep up with him.
“Um… Kunikida-san…?”, Atsushi started.
“How are we supposed to talk with the mafia…? I mean are we just going to their boss and ask if they want to blow up Yokohama…?”
“No, don’t worry, I have a plan. I asked our boss via phone to arrange an official meeting between some important members of the mafia and us. We are now on the way to that meeting.”
“W-What?! You mean we are going to meet up with some mafia guys…-”
“We are here”, interrupted Kunikida Atsushi.
Now Atsushi noticed that they were on a graveyard, outside of the Yokohama city life, located on a cliff, so they could see the sea in front of them.
One moment later, they heard a voice behind them…
“There you are.”
As they turned around, a man with black, slicked back, medium length hair stood there. He was wearing a long black coat, a red scarf, white gloves and was accompanied by many bodyguards in black and another man, who was clearly smaller than him, with long orange hair, a black hat and also a long black coat, wrapped around his shoulders.
“Mori Ogai, the mafia boss…”, Kunikida said to himself, looking at the taller man and then to the other one, “And Nakahara Chuuya…”
“Kunikida-san, right?”, Mori Ogai asked, “What is your request for calling us today?”
‘I didn’t expect the boss of the Port Mafia to appear himself…’, Kunikida thought, ‘Well, I have to make the best of it…’


A day ago in a small flat in Yokohama…

“I don’t want to…”, the man hiding under his blanket said, “Too much trouble… Uncomfortable…”
Dazai Osamu standing next to him sighed.
“Tayama Katai!”, he said loudly, “Instead of curling up in your futon, you could help me to save this city! Yokohama is about to be destroyed and if this is going to happen you’ll be not able to snuggle with your blanket any longer!”
But these words only made the sleepy man, Tayama Katai, hide away even more: “Then I can sleep in heaven, right? That would be wonderful… Forget it. Besides, I don’t think I can be of any use… I have no choice but feeding the mites in my mattress… And Yoshiko would miss me, if I go away…”
“My blanket.”
‘This is more complicated than I thought…’, went through Dazai’s head.


“An assassination on whole Yokohama?”, Mori repeated, “I think you really have a false idea of us.”
Kunikida, Atsushi and Kyouka looked at him in amazement.
“We would never hurt this city, it’s the exact opposite: We want to protect Yokohama, cause we love our city like you do”, Chuuya declared and with a gaze to Kyouka he added, “You should know that as a former mafia member.”
Turning away, Kyouka didn’t answered.
It is true that she once was a member of the Port Mafia, murdering people. But if a flower is born in the darkness then that doesn’t mean that she can’t live in the light: One day she made up her mind and could cancel her membership of the mafia with the help of the detectives.
“At least one suspect less…”, Kunikida said, “Thank you for your time. That was all we had to talk with you about.”
The three detectives were about to leave, when they were suddenly hold back by the mafia boss: “Wait.”
“We also don’t want our city to be the victim of an assassination, like we said. That’s why we offer our help to you to prevent this.”
Everyone was staring at Mori Ogai like they couldn’t believe it.
“Boss…?!”, even Chuuya was astounded.
“You heard me. Sometimes the most hostile people have to lay their weapons down in order to defeat a common enemy.”

In the office of the Armed Detective Agency the chaos had broken out.
“We can’t find any bombs…”, Tanizaki shouted, “The whole city had been searched!!”
He showed a list with possible locations for bombs, which all had been crossed out, to the other detectives.
Ranpo took the list, looked at it and concentrated.
“Unbelievable…”, Yosano said.
“We have to hurry!!”
“What should we do?!”
He cut out all the panic-stricken voices around him.
A few seconds later he stood up and said: “I know where the bombs are.”

“I can’t believe the mafia is helping us!”, Atsushi said, “I hope we can find the terrorists soon…”
Kyouka agreed with him and nodded.
Kunikidas mobile started to ring and he immediately picked up: “Hello?”
“Kunikida-san! We know where the bombs are! Ranpo-san figured it out!!”, Tanizakis voice could be heard from the other side of the line.
“Realy?! Where are they?!”
“They have to be in the sewerage system. If they want to blow up hole Yokohama, the bombs have to be located at a place where they can reach every corner of the town”, Ranpo was speaking now, “Plus, they could place the bombs without anyone noticing.”
“So the bombs are under the hole city…”, Atsushi said shocked.
“We have to defuse them!”, Kunikida said determined, “We go ahead!”
“Into the canalization?!”, Atsushi asked nervous.
“Of course.”
“But Kunikida-san! We can’t defuse every single bomb! There must be thousands of them down there!”
“There has to be a switch off button.”
“How can you be so sure?!”
“It’s our only hope!!”
And Kunikida was right. They couldn’t do anything but trying to do something in the sewers.

“It’s so dark here…”, Atsushi said following Kunikida and Kyouka through the labyrinth of the canalization, “I can’t see my hand in front of my eyes…”
“We’ll solve that problem in a minute… Lone Poet!!”, Kunikida’s words were followed by a flash.
Then he suddenly held three torches in his hand, that he had made appear with his special ability.
“Thank you, Kunikida-san!”
“There”, Kyouka said and pointed at the ceiling.
Up there were multiple white boxes attached, all connected by cable.
Atsushi’s breath faltered: “The bombs…”
“Can you see a countdown on them?”, Kunikida asked, but the other two shook their head, “So we still don’t know when they are going to explode.”
“They could go off now.”
“K-Kyouka-chan! Don’t scare me like that…!”, Atsushi said, laughing nervously.


Back in the dark room, far away from Yokohama…

“Boss!!”, he came in without knocking at the door. In his voice I could hear a whiff of panic. This scene happened so suddenly that I couldn’t help but flinch.
“What is it…?”, I asked, trying to stay calm.
“There are i-invaders.”
“No, in Yokohama… In the canalization!! They figured it out!”, he shouted, even more panicking.
“There is no way to deactivate the bombs. The cable is so robust that they can’t cut it with the sharpest knife. And even if they manage to cut it – They can’t cut everything. Yokohama is about to rest in peace, nobody can stop that now.”
He seemed to realize our victory.
“Yes… Of course…”
After he left I mumbled grinning to myself: “But maybe I’ll teach them a lesson…”


“Damn, I can’t cut it!”, Kunikida shouted while hanging at a pipe. He tried to cut a connection cable with a knife he had made appear with ‘Lone Poet’.
Then he noticed a camera just a few meters next to him.
“So we’re being watched…”
“What?! The terrorists can see us?!”
“Atsushi”, Kyouka said, “Let’s try it with my Demon Snow and your tiger.”
“Okay”, Atsushi nodded determined.
The sewers where again light up by flashes as Kyouka called her demon and Atsushi’s arms transformed into the claws of a tiger.
“Demon Snow!!”
“Beast beneath the moonlight!!”
One second later ten cables were gone.
“Kunikida-san! We can do it!”
“Good! And now hurry up! We have to do this a couple thousand times more!”, Kunikida shouted back.
“Yeah, yeah, good job, everyone.”
“What was that?!”, all three span around quickly, looking for a person from whom the voice could have come.
“Who is there?!”, Atsushi screamed.
“They even prepared loudspeakers…”, Kunikida drew his conclusions, ”And all that without anybody noticing…”
Kyouka and Atsushi raised their heads: “Loudspeakers…?”, Right next to an unseparated bomb they could see a white speaker, the cause of the strange voice.
“You detectives are pretty smart, I have to admit that”, the voice said, “But you know what? I’m smarter than you.”
“Who are you?!”, Atsushi tried asking the stranger.
“Let me ask you something first: Do you really believe that you can save your city?”
“I give you the answer: No! And you’re right! You can’t save Yokohama! One second ago you seemed quite happy that you can cut our stable cable. But you can’t deactivate all 434.980 bombs in ten minutes?”
“Ten minutes?!”
“Yes, you heard right: There are bombs under Yokohama one every kilometre! And you, your family, your friends and everything you have will be blown up in 10 minutes! Time for your last prayer, I think!”
“Quickly!! Atsushi! Kyouka!”, Kunikida shouted, “Don’t give up!”
“Yes!”, Kyouka stormed away.
So did Atsushi: “We will protect our city and its inhabitants!!”
“Aah… You’re so hopeless, desperate and STUBBORN!! Maybe you’ll understand if I make it clearer: Time flies faster! Five minutes left!”
“Let’s make a countdown: Four!”
“K-Kyouka!!”, panic seized Atsushi, “We won’t make it! Everyone will die! And we can’t do anything!!”
“Very good, you’re the first to recognize that! Three.”
“Guys…”, Kunikida came to them, “…I FAILED!! I BETRAYED MY IDEALS! THIS IS ALL MY FAULT!!-“
“…I COULDN’T DO ANYTHING! I FAILED ALL ALONG THE LINE!! So, please…”, he said with a calmer voice, “Make me responsible for all this.”
“What a nice farewell speech!”
“Kunikida-san…”, Atsushi sounded like he was about to cry, “It’s not just your fault! Nobody had a chance!”
“Let’s stand through this together!!”, Atsushi shouted and the three detectives were clinging to each other.

It was silent.
It was even more silent than at any other place in the universe.
It was so silent that one could hear the breathings of another person.
Exha-… Breathing?!
Kunikida, Atsushi and Kyouka jumped apart.
“We…”, Atsushi stuttered, “We’re alive?!”
“We’re not dead!”
And then the three hugged again, but this time because of happiness and relief.
“What… What is happening?! Why are you still alive?! That’s impossible! IMPOSSIBLE!! YOU WANT TO TELL ME THAT IT WAS ALL FOR NOTHING?! WHY-“
A loud squeak interrupted the terrorist and the detectives covered their ears.
When they uncovered them again, a second, quite familiar voice sounded out of the loudspeaker…:
“Hello, everyone~”
“Is that…?”, Atsushi said doubting.
Kunikida suspected something, but mumbled: “No, that can’t be…Dazai?!”
“Yes! Are you okay~?”
“What are you asking?! Where are you?! And what have you done?!”, it was obvious that Kunikida was angry.
“Haha, calm down, Kunikida-kun! I’m in Sapporo right now, drinking the Sapporo beer! It’s really delicious~”
“Why would you be in Sapporo drinking beer?! And what happened with the bombs?! And what’s with the terrorist?!”
“I handled that! You see, our boss informed me a few days ago that he heard some mysterious rumor about an assassination that was going to happen in Yokohama. So I started researching, found the terrorists and prevented the catastrophe~”
“WHAT?! And why didn’t you say anything?! Do you know how stressful our day was and what we tried to save Yokohama?!”
“I’m sorry~ But this mission had to be totally secret! I couldn’t even tell you about it!”
Kunikida gave a deep sigh.
“Okay. At least you were successful. But tell me one thing: How did you do that?”
“It was simple! I asked Katai to help me!”
“Katai?! The former member of the Armed Detectives?!”
“Yes! With his ability to control every technical machine in his sight without touching them and to process information dozen times faster than a normal human being he found out the location of the terrorists in five minutes! I dragged him with me to Sapporo and he took control of the terrorist’s whole computer system!”
“I can’t believe it…”, was everything Atsushi could say in that moment.
“Dazai…”, Kunikida said, “You’re so dead when you’re back…”
“That would be very nice!”

Thanks to Dazai and Katai, the terrorists were captured immediately.
All that remains is the question: What was their motive?


My name is Makkuro Itō.
In this moment I am waiting in a simple furnished room for my interrogation.
The police will ask me questions. Questions that make me sick just by thinking about them.
They want to know why I planned this assassination. Why and how.
Like hell I would tell them anything about my life.
My life…
How did all this started again?
I was a little boy, about ten years old and lived in Yokohama. I had a family, friends, was popular in school and enjoyed every day. I loved our home and our city.
But in this world even luck is transient.
My parents started to fight more and more often. The bad mood in our family was rising. When I was twelve they got divorced, without thinking about the consequences, without thinking about me, without trying to find solutions.
From this day on I lived together with my grandfather in his old, a little bit shabby house, offside, but still in Yokohama. He and my friends made life bearable for me in these days, but they couldn’t make my grades in school better. I lost the motivation to go to school or to study. It was inevitable that I had to repeat a class. All my friends were going to high school and I was the only one who still had to go to the middle school. My grandfather tried to cheer me up and said that it wasn’t bad to repeat a class, because that would just make my graduation better. I believed in him and graduated one year later, albeit by a narrow margin.
On the day I got the results of my exam I ran home, exited and proud, to show them to my grandfather.
But when I arrived I found his dead body lying in the kitchen.
From this moment on, nobody and nothing could stop my life from plunging into a deep abyss.
I had no other family members, no friends anymore, lost my home, failed in finding a work and ended up sleeping on the street.
I was about to kill myself, but one day I met him. Kaito. It was like life gave me a chance to climb up again from the dark abyss and my destiny seemed to change.
He was homeless like me, but not as hopeless as me.
Even if he had to sleep on the frozen street in winter, had to search food in dustbins, to beg full of shame or to stray like a dog in the dark alleys, he never lost his hope.
He had an idea of making Yokohama a better place, which seemed impossible from the perspective of a homeless guy.
Maybe it was his ability to cast his spell over his fellow men with the help of words, the special aura that surrounded him, or he seemed to me like a saviour who would free me from this hell. No matter what it was, I followed him and founded with him our own organization. It didn’t take a long time for him to attract new members, every single one homeless like us. We all shared the same goals and were fascinated by Kaito’s ideas. Nothing could stop us.
That was what I thought.
Kaito had cancer.
He died.
And again I lost the dearest person to me.
It was this city.
It was all Yokohama’s fault.
Yokohama made my parents separate, made me lose my friends, took my grandfather, made me homeless and took in the end even Kaito, my reason to life and my hope.
What did I do to deserve this?
Why did you do that, Yokohama?
I always loved you, so why would you hate me like this?
And I decided to hate Yokohama back.
I started to take advantage of our organization, destroyed the community of the members, forgot Kaito’s ideas. Even when I knew that I didn’t deserve it to call Kaito my dead friend, to lead his organization or to give orders to the other members, I didn’t stop. I couldn’t. I had to take revenge for everything on Yokohama. This was my only thought. I had to take revenge.
Making Yokohama a better place, where everyone can be happy.
My gosh.
You, inhabitants of this hell, should all be homeless as well, so you can experience what I had to go through.
Just die.
Everyone of you.
But in the end I even couldn’t reach this goal. Someone among our members must have told the police or this group of detectives everything and betrayed me.
But he was right to do that.
I’m the one who should be dead.


“Good morning everyone!”, Atsushi entered the office of the Armed Detective Agency like every morning, “Oh, even Dazai-san is here today!”
“What’s that supposed to mean, Atsushi-kun?”, Dazai answered.
“N-Nothing!”, he said quickly and changed the subject, “Ehm… What happened to you, Dazai-san?”
Dazai was littered with bruises and plasters.
“Kunikida-kun wanted to kill me~ But he didn’t manage to do it…”
“I see…”
“Good morning, Atsushi”, Kunikida said, ignoring Dazai’s words, “Look at this.”
He gave Atsushi the newspapers.
“The terrorists were captured. They will be in court soon.”
“What a relief…”, he skipped through the other articles and found something interesting, “Oh! Did you see that? The city decided to establish new institutions for homeless people, so they have a chance to live a normal life again! What a nice project!”
“Yes, I read that, finally they’re doing something. Many people support this project, even though we’re in Japan…”, Kunikida commented, “Maybe homelessness will no longer be a disgrace in a few years.”
“I hope so, too…”, Atsushi agreed and looked out of the window.
‘Yokohama…’, he thought’, ‘I’m so happy, that we could protect our lovely city.’

~The end~

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